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Notes To The Public Part 2 Rev Archduke Robert Maxwell

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WE OUR A MINISTRY BRINGING THE Postmillennialist, (Prophetic Royal coat of Arms Ministry the Reformed Pentecostal, Anglo-Saxon & Royal Empire of the Kingdom Of God Denomination) REVIVAL AND HOPE TO THE WORLD! Our, Are Sunday Worship is 11:00 AM and Our, Are Thursday Night Bible Study if 7:00PM Informal: Chaplain Bishop Archduke Dr. Robert L. Maxwell; ThM; PhD; of the .P.C.A.M, House of Hohenzollern ; duke of Pomerania; Livonia; colonel of the royal guard of Pomerania; Livonia; field marshal .P.R.C.A.M. ; knight of the sacred & military order of merits of PRCAM; And Founder of the PRCAM the RPAS &...
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